Обложка книги Rough Guide To Personal Computers (Rough Guide Reference Series)

Rough Guide To Personal Computers (Rough Guide Reference Series)

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ISBN: 1858288975;
Издательство: Rough Guides Limited

INTRODUCTION WHERE TO BEGIN Over the last two decades, the PC, or personal computer, has revolutionized the way we go about things. And though the recent high-tech bubble may have burst, a knowledge of computers is more useful and important today than ever before. Not only is computer literacy a prerequisite in many areas of employment, it?s also a skill that can prove incredibly useful and rewarding at home. As well as being invaluable for number-crunching and document editing, the modern PC can also help you stay in touch, be creative and access an unimaginable wealth of information via the Internet. And that?s not even to mention its potential for music, video and games. Whether you?re thinking of buying your first computer, planning to upgrade an old machine or out to hone your skills, this book is for you. We start right at the beginning and assume no prior knowledge, but cover everything from the basics to the nitty-gritty of how a PC functions ? we were...

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