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Ragae Ghaly, Krishna Kothapalli

Sams Teach Yourself EJB in 21 Days

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ISBN: 0672324237
Издательство: SAMS
Sams Teach Yourself EJB in 21 Days introduces the development and deployment aspects of EJB, the fastest growing standards in developing Java applications in and enterprise environment. EJBs are, functionally, distributed network aware components for developing secure, scalable, transactional, and multi-user components in a J2EE environment. Sams Teach Yourself EJB in 21 Days covers the new features of EJB 2.0, such as local interface, CMP, and CMR. It provides hands-on examples basedon practical solutions found in the industry. Tips and best practices give beginners an edge to avoid repeated mistakes. The review questions provide the reader with a study guide. Source code for a complete credit approval process in a transactional e-Commerce environment is provided.
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