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Yasushi Kambayashi

Separating Data from Instructions: Investigating a New Programming Paradigm

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ISBN: 1581121687
Издательство: Dissertation.Com.
We have experienced different theories of software construction paradigms in the last few decades; such as ``structured programming'' in the 1970's and "object-oriented programming" in the 1980's. The object-oriented paradigm is considered a standard for many software development activities, from the analysis phase to various support phases. There is little quantitative research, however, regarding the question whether object-oriented programming improves productivity. Many assume that object-oriented programming is more productive than traditional structured programming. This assumption lacks concrete, empirical data that support such belief. This dissertation identifies problems in the current object-oriented programming practice, and then presents an alternative paradigm to help overcome these problems. This paradigm separates the declaration of data structures from program executable instructions. We call this paradigm {it the separation principle}. We first tried to...