Обложка книги Hacker's Delight

Hacker's Delight

ISBN: 5-8459-0572-9; 0201914654;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Professional
Страниц: 320

A collection useful programming advice the author has collected over the years; small algorithms that make the programmer's task easier.@BULLET = At long last, proven short-cuts to mastering difficult aspects of computer programming.@BULLET = Learn to program at a more advanced level than is generally taught in schools and training courses, and much more advanced than can be learned through individual study/experience.@BULLET = An instant cult classic for programmers!@SUMMARY = Computer programmers are often referred to as hackers -- solitary problem solvers engrossed in a world of code as they seek elegant solutions to building better software. While many view these unique individuals as "madmen," the truth is that much of the computer programmer's job involves a healthy mix of arithmetic and logic. In Hacker's Delight, veteran programmer Hank Warren shares the collected wisdom -- namely tips and tricks -- from his considerable experience in the world of application development. The...