Обложка книги Game Development With LUA (Game Development Series)

Game Development With LUA (Game Development Series)

ISBN: 1584504048;
Издательство: Charles River Media
Страниц: 315

Book Description complex GUIs and artificial intelligence. If you?re a developer just starting to use Lua, or you?re considering using it, Game Development with Lua will teach you everything you need to know. And if you?re new to scripting languages altogether, this book will also teach you how they can be used in game development effectively. Written by practicing Lua game developers, the book teaches how to use Lua for commercial game development. It begins with a brief history of Lua and explains how to incorporate Lua into a C++ project. It details the key features and advantages of Lua and then takes you through the development of a ?rapid prototype? game called Take Away. This game provides the context with which to explore the foundational C++ approaches and the Lua scripting approaches to saving and loading game data, building a modular and flexible GUI system, managing a game?s real-time events through Lua scripts, and using Lua to define and control game AI. There are also...

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