Обложка книги Advanced Fuzzy Systems Design and Applications

Advanced Fuzzy Systems Design and Applications

ISBN: 3790815373;
Издательство: Physica-Verlag

This book presents a variety of recently developed methods for generating fuzzy rules from data with the help of neural networks and evolutionary algorithms. Special efforts have been put on dealing with knowledge incorporation into neural and evolutionary systems and knowledge extraction from data with the help of fuzzy logic. On the one hand, knowledge that is understandable to human beings can be extracted from data using evolutionary and learning methods by maintaining the interpretability of the generated fuzzy rules. On the other hand, a priori knowledge like expert knowledge and human preferences can be incorporated into evolution and learning, taking advantage of the knowledge representation capability of fuzzy rule systems and fuzzy preference models. Several engineering application examples in the fields of intelligent vehicle systems, process modeling and control and robotics are presented.

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