Обложка книги Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques

Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques

ISBN: 1558605797; 5-93378-095-2; 9781558605794;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Страниц: 624

Whether you're a programmer developing new animation functionality or an animator trying to get the most out of your current animation software, Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques will help work more efficiently and achieve better results. For programmers, this book provides a solid theoretical orientation and extensive practical instruction-information you can put to work in any development or customization project. For animators, it provides crystal-clear guidance on determining whichof your concepts can be realized using commercially available products, which demand custom programming, and what development strategies are likely to bring you the greatest success. * Expert instruction from a pace-setting computer graphics researcher. * Provides in-depth coverage of established and emerging animation algorithms. * For readers who lack a strong scientific background, introduces the necessary concepts from mathematics and physics. * Illustrates advanced...

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