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John R. Koza, Forrest H. Bennett III, Forrest H. Bennett, David Andre

Genetic Programming Iii: Automatic Programming and Automatic Circuit Synthesis

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ISBN: 1558605436
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Genetic programming is a method for getting a computer to solve a problem by telling it what needs to be done instead of how to do it. Koza, Bennett, Andre, and Keane present genetically evolved solutions to dozens of problems of design, optimal control, classification, system identification, function learning, and computational molecular biology. Among the solutions are 14 results competitive with human-produced results, including 10 rediscoveries of previously patented inventions. Researchers in artificial intelligence, machine learning, evolutionary computation, and genetic algorithms will find this an essential reference to the most recent and most important results in the rapidly growing field of genetic programming. * Explains how the success of genetic programming arises from seven fundamental differences distinguishing it from conventional approaches to artificial intelligence and machine learning * Describes how genetic programming uses...