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Kimberly F. Johnson, Simon M. Lin

Methods of Microarray Data Analysis III: Papers from Camda '02

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ISBN: 1402075820
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
As microarray technology has matured, data analysis methods have advanced as well. Methods Of Microarray Data Analysis III is the third book in this pioneering series dedicated to the existing new field of microarrays. While initial techniques focused onclassification exercises (volume I of this series), and later on pattern extraction (volume II of this series), this volume focuses on data quality issues. Problems such as background noise determination, analysis of variance, and errors in data handlingare highlighted. Three tutorial papers are presented to assist with a basic understanding of underlying principles in microarray data analysis, and twelve new papers are highlighted analyzing the same CAMDA'02 datasets: the Project Normal data set or the Affymetrix Latin Square data set. A comparative study of these analytical methodologies brings to light problems, solutions and new ideas. This book is an excellent reference for academic and industrial researchers who want to keep...