Обложка книги Mobile and Wireless Internet: Protocols, Algorithms, and Systems

Mobile and Wireless Internet: Protocols, Algorithms, and Systems

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ISBN: 0792372085;
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers

This edited book brings together in an organized framework, related new and emerging works on algorithms, protocols and applications on wireless networks and the wireless Internet. The chapters are written exclusively for this volume by the leading international researchers and professionals in this field. The material represents the state-of-the-art research and includes several seminal contributions. Featured is a myriad of valuable discussions of numerous relevant concepts, which examines the various approaches that define emerging mobile and wireless Internet technologies. Included are topics on: * Dynamic Configuration of Mobile Devices; * Security and Privacy of the PTP; * Soft Handoff Support; * Node Centric Hybrid Routing; * Resource Allocation; * Mobile Multicast; * TCP/IP and Wireless Networks; * Multipath Routing Protocols; * Mobility Predication for QoS Provisioning; * Handoff Rerouting Algorithms; * Seamless Mobility and IP Mobility...