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Reinhard Klette, H. Siegfried Stiehl, Max A. Viergever, Koen L. Vincken

Performance Characterization in Computer Vision (Computational Imaging and Vision, Vol 17)

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ISBN: 0792363744
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
This book addresses a subject which has been discussed intensively in the computer vision community for several years. Performance characterization and evaluation of computer vision algorithms are of key importance, particularly with respect to the configuration of reliable and robust computer vision systems as well as the dissemination of reconfigurable systems in novel application domains. The objective of this volume is to provide a scientific foundation for performance characterization of computer vision methods, to give an overview of methodologies of comparative assessment of algorithms and to present evaluation approaches for a variety of computer vision applications. This volume comprises six parts: general issues; methodological aspects; statistical aspects; comparative studies; selected methods and algorithms; and finally a domain-specific part on evaluation in medical imaging. Audience: This book can be read by both specialists and graduate students in computer science...