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Nancy L. Russo, Brian Fitzgerald, Janice I. Degross

Realigning Research and Practice in Information Systems Development - The Social and Organizational Perspective (International Federation for Information Processing, Volume 194)

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ISBN: 0792374207
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Given the pervasive nature of information technology and information systems in the modern world, the design and development of IS and IT are critical issues of concern. New research topics continuously emerge in tandem with the latest developments in technology-E-Business, Knowledge Management, Business Process Reengineering, for example. However, when the initial flurry of research abates and the "gloss" of these areas has diminished somewhat, as it inevitably does, the enduring core issue remains as to how to develop systems to fully exploit these new areas. Both information systems and information technology are interpreted fairly broadly in this book. Of particular interest to the editors were research studies that facilitate an understanding of the role and impact of information technology on society, organizations, and individuals, and which strive to improve the design and use of information systems in that context. The contributions to the book are categorized into...