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Pattie Maes, Maja J. Mataric, Jean-Arcady Meyer, Jordan Pollack, Stewart W. Wilson

From Animals to Animats 4: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior (Complex Adaptive Systems)

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ISBN: 0262631784, 9780262631785
Издательство: Bradford Books
September 9th-13th, 1996, Cape Cod, Massachusetts From Animals to Animats 4 brings together the latest research at the frontier of an exciting new approach to understanding intelligence. The contributors representa broad range of interests from artificial intelligence and robotics to ethology and the neurosciences. Unifying these approaches is the notion of "animat" -- an artificial animal, either simulated by a computer or embodied in a robot, which must surviveand adapt in progressively more challenging environments. The 66 contributions focus particularly on well-defined models, computer simulations, and built robots in order to help characterize and compare various principles and architectures capable of inducing adaptive behavior in real or artificial animals. Major topics, all from the perspective of adaptive behavior, include : The Animat Approach to Adaptive Behavior, Perception and Motor Control, Action...