Обложка книги Intelligent Watermarking Techniques (Innovative Intelligence)

Intelligent Watermarking Techniques (Innovative Intelligence)

ISBN: 9812387579;
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company
Страниц: 852

Book DescriptionWatermarking techniques involve the concealment of information within a text or images and the transmission of this information to the receiver with minimum distortion. This is a very new area of research. The techniques will have a significant effect on defence, business, copyright protection and other fields where information needs to be protected at all costs from attackers. This book presents the recent advances in the theory and implementation of watermarking techniques. It brings together, for the first time, the successful applications of intelligent paradigms (including comparisons with conventional methods) in many areas. The accompanying CD-Rom provides readers with source codes and executables to put into practice general topics in watermarking. Intelligent Watermarking Techniques will be of great value to undergraduate and postgraduate students in many disciplines, including engineering and computer science. It is also targeted at researchers,...

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