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Kenneth Walton

Fake: Forgery, Lies, & eBay

Обложка книги Fake: Forgery, Lies, & eBay

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ISBN: 1416948058
Издательство: Simon Spotlight Entertainment
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 304
Ripped from the headlines of the New York Times, Fake describes Kenneth Walton's innocent beginnings as a lawyer turned online art-trading hobbyist, whose satisfaction in reselling thrift store paintings for a profit soon became a fierce addiction to eBay. In a landscape peopled with colorful eccentrics hoping to score museum-quality paintings at bargain prices, Walton entered into a partnership with con man Ken Fetterman. Over the course of eighteen months they managed to take in hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling forged paintings and bidding on their own auctions to drive up the prices. When their deception was discovered and made international headlines, Walton found himself stalked by reporters and federal agents while Fetterman went on the lam, sparking a nationwide FBI manhunt. In this sensational story of the seductive power of greed, Kenneth Walton breaks his silence for the first time and details the international scandal that forever changed the way eBay...