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Witold Pedrycz

Computational Intelligence:An Introduction

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ISBN: 0849326435
Издательство: CRC Press
Computational intelligence as a new development paradigm of intelligent systems has resulted from a synergy between neural networks, fuzzy sets, and genetic computations. This emerging area, even at its very earliest stage, has already attracted the attention of top researchers and practitioners. Computational Intelligence: An Introduction delivers a highly readable and fully systematic treatment of the fundamentals of CI, along with the clear presentation of sound and comprehensive analysis and design practices.This text pulls together much of the scattered information written about this emerging field. Most publications dealing with CI are highly specialized and concentrate narrowly on the symbiosis between NN, FS, and GAs. Computational Intelligence: An Introduction bridges the gap between all three areas and CI. This is an important text for anyone engaged in any way with genetic algorithms, fuzzy sets, neural networks, and computational intelligence.