Обложка книги Computational Learning and Probabilistic Reasoning

Computational Learning and Probabilistic Reasoning

ISBN: 0471962791; 9780471962793;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Providing a unified coverage of the latest research and applications methods and techniques, this book is devoted to two interrelated techniques for solving some important problems in machine intelligence and pattern recognition, namely probabilistic reasoning and computational learning. The contributions in this volume describe and explore the current developments in computer science and theoretical statistics which provide computational probabilistic models for manipulating knowledge found in industrial and business data. These methods are very efficient for handling complex problems in medicine, commerce and finance. Part I covers Generalisation Principles and Learning and describes several new inductive principles and techniques used in computationallearning. Part II describes Causation and Model Selection including the graphical probabilistic models that exploit the independence relationships presented in the graphs, and applications of Bayesian networks to multivariate...