Обложка книги The XML Companion (3rd Edition)

The XML Companion (3rd Edition)

ISBN: 0201770598;
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Pub Co

XML is one of the most exciting recent developments to hit the World Wide Web, enabling the further expansion of Web technology into new domains of content management, audience targetted presentation and distributed document processing. If you're a current or potential XML user looking for just one reference to get you up to speed on XML with clarity, comprehensive coverage and precision, then this book will be your essential and constant companion. Building on the success of the first edition of TheXMLCompanion, Neil Bradley has updated this accessible, in-depth reference to release 1.0 of the XML standard to incorporate the results of the high degree of activity that has surrounded the standard since its release. This edition now contains the complementary standards that have been released, including detailed coverage of DOM 1.0, SAX 1.0, CSS 2 and NameSpaces 1.0, as well as describing the latest, most stable drafts of XSL & XSLT, Xlink & Xpointer. The XML Companion: *...

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