Обложка книги The XML Handbook (3rd Edition)

The XML Handbook (3rd Edition)


ISBN: 013055068X;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR

Learning the basics of the XML language is one thing; understanding how it really can be used in today's commercial applications is quite another. The third edition of The XML Handbook compiles the XML strategies of over two dozen companies, toprovide a unique look at how XML is being used right now. Coauthored by Charles F. Goldfarb, the author of SGML--the parent markup specification of XML--this book comprises two parts. In the first, the XML language is explained in the broader context of SGML, and markup in general. The real heart of the book, however, is in part two. This much larger section is a collection of topical expositions on XML that are sponsored by companies such as Sun, IBM, Adobe, and Microsoft--giving the reader a look at a broad spectrum of XML strategies and uses. The introductory chapters are written superbly from the perspective of true XML experts who understand its full context. For example, the book describes MOM and ...

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