Обложка книги XSLT and XPath: A Guide to XML Transformations (+ CD-ROM)

XSLT and XPath: A Guide to XML Transformations (+ CD-ROM)


ISBN: 0-13-040446-2;
Издательство: Prentice Hall PTR
Страниц: 570

Mastering XSLT and XPath gives you unprecedented control over your information-and helps you leverage virtually every new XML technoogy, from XLink to schemes. Discover XSLT's powerful vocabulary of programming-like features and learn how to build custom solutions that resist obsolescence. By the end of the first chapter, you'll be performing XML-to-HTML conversions for display in any Web browser. Then build on your knowledge through a series of hands-on examples that transform you into an XSLT/XPath expert! Also included: XSLT as an XML document instance: leveraging your existing XML skills. XSLT stylesheet concepts and constructs: fundamental through advanced level. XPath patterns and functions. XSLT subroutine functions and variables. XSLT processing of multiple nodes: iterative and conditional XSLT elements. Controlling output options. XSLT extensions, and more. ...