Обложка книги Exploring 3D Animation with Maya 6 (Design Exploration)

Exploring 3D Animation with Maya 6 (Design Exploration)

ISBN: 1401848184;
Издательство: Thomson Delmar Learning
Страниц: 312

Book Description It?s all about creating believable 3D animation and visual effects. And this very practical and motivating book, written by two leading animators, delivers the kind of detailed knowledge of Maya® that?s needed to make truly lifelike characters. Step-by-step tutorials defining the entire animation process take readers through all the tools available in Maya for making refined movement. Drawing on their years of experience animating characters for ?The Simpsons? and ?King of the Hill,? the authors provide plenty of opportunity for readers to practice using these tools, instilling confidence and a sound grasp of traditional and non-traditional character design and animation. Topics covered include the Animation Curve Editor, basic walking, the dope sheet, facial and hand animation, emotional adjustment, the use of the five-panel story structure, and more. Users thoroughly explore the powerful features and functions of Release 6 resulting in a solid...

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