Обложка книги Storytelling through Animation (Graphics)

Storytelling through Animation (Graphics)

ISBN: 1584503947;
Издательство: Charles River Media
Страниц: 435

Book Description As an animator, it's difficult to watch movies or animated films without thinking about the directing quality or technical aspects of the production. But when that movie pulls you in and draws you to the characters and their plights, youreally experience the story. Storytelling Through Animation provides an in-depth guide to the process of conceiving, planning, and producing an animated or live action media production. It covers specific information for many forms of visuals, includingtraditional cel, stop motion, Flash, or 3D CG with a focus on the most critical aspect of any production?the story. The book is written for filmmakers, animators, producers, editors, directors, game creators, and anyone who has the task of telling a story visually. It teaches the principles, real-world techniques, tricks, tips, and creative and visual fundamentals key to great animated storytelling. Using detailed explanations of principles and techniques and a variety of film examples,...