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Ralph Grabowski

The Web Publisher's Illustrated Quick Reference: Covers Html 3.2 and Vrml 2.0

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ISBN: 0387948317
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
HTML, or hypertext mark-up language, is the standard for all world wide web pages throughout the world. With HTML 3.0 new features have been added and in addition VRML, the virtual reality mark-up language, is also attracting attention to enable browsersto move through "virtual reality" web sites. This book provides a reference guide to both HTML and VRML modelled on the author's previous successful reference guides to AutoCad. Each HTML and VRMl command is given a description, its syntax, and examples of its use. - Visual snapshots of each markup in use.- Each HTML tag is marked with its version number to highlight the new 3.0 features.- Covers all the known VRML tags for 2.0.- Examples cover related and optional attributes.