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Lars Qvortrup, Erik Granum, Berit Holmqvist, Soren Kolstrup, Kim Halskov Madsen

Virtual Interaction: Interaction in Virtual Inhabited 3D Worlds

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ISBN: 1852333316
Издательство: Springer-Verlag Telos
Virtual Interaction: Interaction in Virtual Inhabited 3D Worlds answers the basic research questions involved in the development of user-friendly interfaces, such as: * How does one navigate in and with a virtual inhabited three-dimensional world? * How can the virtual world and the interface be part of the same world? * How can the use of these interfaces be supported by implicit narrative structures? * How can the autonomous agents function as assistants to the end-user? * How can the current--what yousee is what you get--be replaced by What you want is what you get:? Containing the edited research papers resulting from an ambitious, cross-disciplinary research project, this volume examines the core activity of interfaces: interaction. It takes the reader all the way from general theories and conceptualizations of interaction aspects of virtual inhabited 3D worlds, through theories of and methods for the design of autonomous agents, ending in specific design methodology...
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