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Virtual Worlds on the Internet


ISBN: 0818687002; 9780818687006;
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr

In recent years, computer graphics has evolved into four major disciplines: computer animation, image processing, visualization, and virtual reality. Now these technologies are converging into one seamless digital medium resulting in various tools that will transform the way we work in the next century. Virtual Worlds on the Internet examines how the latest developments in virtual environments, computer animation, communication networks, and the Internet are being configured to create revolutionarytools and systems. Vince and Earnshaw have selected twenty papers they believe will influence computer systems of the twenty-first century. The topics discussed in this book include: A toolkit for the development of virtual environment applications for education and research Behavior descriptions used in expansive virtual environments. Different uses of VRML in information system interfaces. An examination of research in virtual reality environment...

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