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Elsevier's Dictionary of Cybernyms

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ISBN: 0444504788; 9780444504784;
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Страниц: 344

This dictionary was produced in response to the rapidly increasing amount of quasi-industrial jargon in the field of information technology, compounded by the fact that these somewhat esoteric terms are often further reduced to acronyms and abbreviationsthat are seldom explained. Even when they are defined, individual interpretations continue to diverge. Until now the codes have been reproduced in separate (language) publications: there is no universal listing in alphabetical order that covers the English, French, Spanish and German languages. This dictionary sets out the English, French, Spanish and German alternatives as a single, merge-sorted whole. Today, most of the codes have passed into the public domain, simply because they exist in most of the telecommunications systems installed throughout the developed (and developing) world and are largely known to most of those who work in that particular area. However, foreign variants o