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Judy Bishop

Java Gently: Programming Principles Explained

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ISBN: 0201710501
Издательство: Pearson Education
This book introduces readers to Java 1.3, covering all of the language, its standard libraries and utilities, and the prospects it offers for the future. In terms of programming, it covers object-orientation, software design, structured programming, graphical user interfacing, and networking, and finishes with an introduction to algorithms and data structures. The third edition includes many enhancements to its approach, including: the use of a UML-like notation with regard to class diagrams; an improved and simplified introduction to object-oriented concepts (Ch. 2); input/output is expressed through a GUI interface using the Display class (a technique Bishop used in her other book Java Gently for Engineers and Scientists); an introduction to the graphical elements of Swing via a cell phone simulator (Ch. 14); and more in the way of pedagogy and reference material. This book is intended for novice programmers who need to learn the Java language as well as experienced programmers...