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Robert J. Bent, George C. Sethares

Quickbasic: An Introduction to Computer Programming on the IBM PC (Computer Science)

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ISBN: 0534175937
Издательство: PWS Pub. Co.
Emphasizing problem-solving and structured programming (as a context for syntax), Bent and Sethares new book helps students understand the entire programming process while they learn QUICKBASIC on the IBM PC. QUICKBASIC offers sophistication with the ease of learning BASIC. As all Bent and Sethares texts, QUICKBASIC consistently guides students toward mastery of sound problem solving practice. Students learn and understand the programming process from writing the initial problem statement to completinga well-documented computer program that carries out its task. The authors carefully introduce new programming principles in the context of real-world applications, and reinforce programming principles with worked-out examples. Robert Bent and George Sethares have helped more than 200,000 students learn BASIC.