Обложка книги Newton's Telecom Dictionary: 22nd Edition

Newton's Telecom Dictionary: 22nd Edition

ISBN: 1578203198;
Издательство: CMP Books
Страниц: 1000

Even though the boom years of the 1990s are over, the telecom industry is rebounding and morphing yet again — there are now more cell phones in the world than landlines and half of American households will soon have broadband. Newton’s Telecom Dictionary helps technology and business professionals stay on top of the ever-changing network, telecom, and IT industry. Industry guru Harry Newton explains technical concepts in nontechnical language that anyone in business can understand, making this an essential reference tool for anyone involved with telecom and IT systems and services. Manageable, jargon-free chapters help readers get a handle on the myriad new telecom services, equipment, and terms and acronyms that are sprouting just as quickly as ever. This new edition features expanded coverage of important areas such as satellite services, wireless broadband, search optimization, and more. A great tool for readers looking to find their way in the vast...

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