Обложка книги Creating Java Beans: Components for Distributed Applications

Creating Java Beans: Components for Distributed Applications

ISBN: 1558604766;
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann Pub

Focusing on the use of JavaBeans for distributed software applications, this book provides programmers with techniques, examples, and reusable components for intranet, Internet, client/server, and other distributed applications. It develops example software components that function as JavaBeans components, stand-alone Java applications, Java applets, and reusable class libraries. Creating JavaBeans puts you in a "distributed mindset" allowing you to think of multiple, distributed components as a single framework for accomplishing tasks in a distributed environment. It quickly teaches you to write and package Java components and shows you how to use these techniques to build useful example components including: POP3/SMTP compatible email a World Wide Web search agent client/server JavaBeans using the JDBC Database protocol, threads and sockets, and Remote Method Invocation Software on CD-ROM The accompanying CD-ROM contains all of the example...