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Mark Hapner, Rich Burridge, Rahul Sharma, Joseph Fialli, Kim Haase

Java Message Service API Tutorial and Reference: Messaging for the J2EE Platform

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ISBN: 0201784726
Издательство: Addison-Wesley Pub Co
Aimed at the more experienced Java developer who needs to work with enterprise messaging, Java Message Service API Tutorial and Reference delivers starter code and a complete reference to all JMS classes that you will need to know to work effectively with this powerful feature of the J2EE platform. The no-nonsense, just-the-facts approach of this dual tutorial/reference is perhaps its salient feature. It explains the basics of asynchronous messaging and its advantages for robust enterprise-level applications before digging right in to JMS. The authors do a good job at explaining the difference between point-to-point and publish/subscribe models of message delivery. They also give a laundry list of areas to look at to ensure reliability and robustness in JMS systems, including looking at dos and don'ts for acknowledgement, message priority, and durability. The real focus early in the book is on the simple, but effective, sample code used to illustrate the basic APIs with...
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