Обложка книги Programming and Problem Solving with Java

Programming and Problem Solving with Java

ISBN: 0534374867;
Издательство: Course Technology

This book lays the foundation of programming skills for the computer science major, with an early introduction (in Chapter 2) of the basic concepts of objects, classes, selection and iteration, and how graphics are handled in Java. The rest of the book builds on this core knowledge base. A major advantage of this book is that several key topics in the course - including graphical user interfaces (GUIs), graphics, applets, and exceptions - are presented in optional, stand-alone appendixes at the back of the text, making it easy for instructors to discuss them in class in the order that best serves their course objectives. Most of the text's chapters end with an overview of important areas of professional work and research in the field of computer science,including discussions of graphics, artificial intelligence, and database systems.

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