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Lance Latham

Standard C Date/Time Library: Programming the World's Calendars and Clocks

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ISBN: 0879304960, 9780879304966
Издательство: CMP Books
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 560
Does the year 2000 have you sweating late-night code? Use our complete library of C programming functions to master 'Y2K', time on the net, ISO 8601, time stamp compression, or any other time/date application you encounter. Using the astronomers' Julian Day calendar as a common denominator between the world calendars, Lance Latham has solved the conversion of virtually all the world calendars (including the Chinese!). Need to convert dates in the Maya calendar to equivalent dates in the Egyptian calendar? Plug in the modules, write a few lines of code, and away you go! The toolkit provides all of the basic Western calendar/clock applications (written in clear, straightforward C) and designed to fit into your application with a minimum of fuss. You'll learn to create tools that update system clocks for the twice-yearly time change, synchronize networked systems across time zones, and convert date stamps between the various calendar systems of the world. Delphi and VB programmers will...