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Penny Baille-de Byl

Programming Believable Characters For Computer Games (Game Development Series)

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ISBN: 1584503238
Издательство: Charles River Media
Год издания: 2004
Book Description Computer games have evolved from simple, little programs to major Hollywood-type productions. And today's player expectations have kept pace with this evolution - they expect truly believable gaming environments with complex stories, characters, and action. To achieve this quality, developers need to incorporate the most cutting-edge tools and techniques available. Programming Believable Characters for Computer Games is written to provide such a resource. It takes current research in artificial intelligence and games and presents both the concepts and architectures through practical programming examples. The book focuses on the higher-level AI needed to develop interesting and believable, non-player characters that can learn and expressemotions. With an emphasis on pathfinding, decision trees, finite-state machines, rule-based systems, and goal-oriented action planning, it addresses the current topics in game development. Throughout the book, programmers work...