Обложка книги C++/CLI in Action

C++/CLI in Action

ISBN: 1932394818;
Издательство: Manning Publications
Страниц: 416

C++ is the language of choice for thousands of applications and millions of lines of code. With C++/CLI, developers can integrate existing C++ code into the .NET platform without rewriting their applications. This book explores the C++/CLI syntax, teaches how to mix native C++ and managed .NET code, and shows how to integrate C++ with Windows Forms, WPF (Avalon), and WCF (Indigo). Imagine taking a C++-based program you've been using for a decade and giving it a snazzy new interface using Windows Presentation Foundation. How about making your old business applications talk to your new ones using Windows Communication Foundation. C++/CLI makes this--and more--possible. C++/CLI in Action shows you how to bridge the gap between your existing C++ code and the .NET platform. C++/CLI in Action will help you if: You're hesitant to migrate to .NET because it means rewriting code in C# or VB. You have significant C++ expertise that you want to leverage in the .NET. ...