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Charles Donnelly, Richard M. Stallman

Bison: The Yacc-Compatible Parser Generator, September 2003, Bison Version 1.875,

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ISBN: 188211423X
Издательство: Free Software Foundation
This updated edition for Bison version 1.875 has an expanded 'Concepts' and 'Grammar Files' sections, and a greatly expanded 'Debugging Your Parser' section. There is also a new FAQ section added to the appendix. Some obsolete material was removed as well. Bison is a general-purpose parser generator that can help the C programmer develop a wide range of language parsers, from those used in simple desktop calculators to complex programming languages. The Bison manual provides a quick overview of the theory behind context-free grammars and semantic values. It has both an introductory tutorial section with examples and a reference section which explores parts of Bison in detail. This book teaches you: * Basic concepts of context-free grammars * Basic concepts of semantic values and actions * Bison grammar rules and syntax * Stages in writing and running Bison grammars * C-Language interface to the parser function yyparse() * How to parse more than one language in the...