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Darren Chamberlain, Dave Cross, Andy Wardley

Perl Template Toolkit

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ISBN: 0596004761
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Written by core members of the technology's development team, Perl Template Toolkit guides you through the entire process of installing, configuring, using, and extending the Template Toolkit. It begins with a fast-paced but thorough tutorial on building web content with the Template Toolkit, and then walks you through generating and using data files, particularly with XML. It also provides detailed information on the Template Toolkit's modules, libraries, and tools in addition to a complete reference manual. Topics in the book include: Getting started with the template toolkit The Template language Template directives Filters Plugins Extending the Template Toolkit Accessing databases XML Advanced static web page techniques Dynamic web content and web applications The only book to cover this important tool, Perl Template Toolkit is essential reading for any Perl programmer who wants...