Обложка книги Enterprise Services Architecture (O'Reilly Field Guide to Enterprise Software)

Enterprise Services Architecture (O'Reilly Field Guide to Enterprise Software)

ISBN: 0596005512; 9780596005511;
Издательство: O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Страниц: 223

Book Description Enterprise Services Architecture outlines a disciplined and structured approach to understanding how today's enterprise applications will make use of web services. This book, aimed at senior management and IT professionals, presents a forward-looking architecture that can meet future development challenges with ease and agility. "Enterprise Services Architecture, as described in this book, is an application of service-oriented architecture and sound principles of object-oriented design applied to the current heterogeneous world of IT architecture. Enterprise services are the high-level components that aggregate web services into reusable elements. The new world of Enterprise Services Architecture will change the way all vendors build applications and the way companies use them. Monolithic applications will be broken apart into layers and offered as components. The reduced cost of integration and flexibility will make design, modeling, and architecture...

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