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Agent GXP FDA Part 11

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ISBN: 0974367478;
Издательство: Universityofhealthcare

Agent GXP FDA Part 11 teaches the FDA regulations on electronic signatures and records in the context of a spoof on a hostage rescue supervised by Pharm Mission Control. It is taught mostly through interactive questions and interviews with Agent GXP. Themany difficult regulations of Part 11 are broken down into episodes that make the learning more memorable. This thorough course will teach you the history of Part 11, the regulations of Part 11, the implementation of Part 11, the applications of Part 11,the ideas behind Part 11 in order to apply them to new situations, and how to prepare for enforcement of Part 11. This is particularly important for both pharmaceutical/medical device manufacturing and clinical research personnel in FDA-regulated industries, and provides an excellent glimpse of the issues that are likely to face HIPAA implementation of electronic records security measures. This course has been used by thousands of people in the pharmaceutical industry. When you...

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