Обложка книги SUMO BOT : Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Programmable Sumo-Bot

SUMO BOT : Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Programmable Sumo-Bot


ISBN: 0071411933;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics

BUILD A POWERFUL SUMO-BOT DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND METAL-AGAINST-METAL COMPETITION! This NEXT GENERATION robot from McGraw-Hill features: * The power of the Parallax BASIC Stamp 2 controller * A tracked drive for maneuverability over all types of terrain * "Flipping ability" to put the competition on its back * A steel frame that encourages customization * Mechanical features designed to withstand the shock of combat * AA battery powered for longer operation MORE POWER! MORE SOPHISTICATION! MORE FUN! Here's a fun and affordable way for hobbyists to take their robot building skills to the next level and if they wish, be part of the hottest new craze in amateur robotics: Sumo competition. Great for ages 14+, the kit comes complete with: * Pre-assembled PCB * Multi-function, duel channel remote control * Robot hardware including collision-sensing infra-red LED and receivers * CD-ROM with programming...

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