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Icga, austr Ifip Sg16 Advances in Computer Games Conference 2003 Graz, Hiroyuki Iida, Ernst A. Heinz

Advances in Computer Games: Many Games, Many Challenges : Proceedings of the Icga/Ifip Sg16 10th Advances in Computer Games Conference (Acg 10) November 24-27, 2003, Graz, styria (International Federation for Information Processing)

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ISBN: 1402077092
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
This book is the tenth in a well-established series, originally describing the progress of computer-chess research only. While chess has dominated AI work in intelligent game-playing for almost half a century, games presumably harder than chess, such as Go, have moved into the spotlight in recent years. The research reported on herein reflects this growing trend with just 6 out of the 24 works overall still focussing on chess, equally many concentrating on Go, and the remaining 12 relating to checkers, Lines of Action, and a variety of other games. + Chess - automatic tuning of evaluation functions; modelling of, pattern recognition in, and strategies for endgame play; search and knowledge in endgames; selective pruning of the search; + Go - evaluation by neural networks; incremental static analysis; machine learning for position scoring; Monte-Carlo experiments; special applications of DF-PN search; sufficiency of single eyes; + Checkers and Lines of Action - endgame...