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Guy W. Mineau, Bernard Moulin, John F. Sowa

Conceptual Graphs for Knowledge Representation: First International Conference on Conceptual Structures, Iccs '93 Quebec City, Canada, August 4-7, 19 (LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE)

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ISBN: 0387569790
Издательство: Springer-Verlag
Artificial Intelligence and cognitive science are the two fields devoted to the study and development of knowledge-based systems (KBS). Over the past 25 years, researchers have proposed several approaches for modeling knowledge in KBS, including several kinds of formalism such as semantic networks, frames, and logics. In the early 1980s, J.F. Sowa introduced the conceptual graph (CG) theory which provides a knowledge representation framework consisting of a form of logic with a graph notation and integrating several features from semantic net and frame representations. Since that time, several research teams over the world have been working on the application and extension of CG theory in various domains ranging from natural language processing to database modeling and machine learning. This volume contains selected papers from the international conference on Conceptual Structures held in the city of Quebec, Canada, August 4-7, 1993. The volume opens with invited papers by J.F. Sowa,...