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Ifip Tc8, Wg8.3 International Conference on Context-Sensitive Decision, Dina Berkeley, George Widmeyer, Patrick Brezillon, Vladislav Rajkovic, International Federation of Information Processing, Dian Berkeley, d Berkeley

Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems

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ISBN: 0412837404
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
In today's rapidly changing educational and business climate, organizational transformation has become a key area of development for many different and varied environments, both commercial and academic. This book addresses issues related to developing Decision Support Systems (DSS) which are sensitive and adaptable to different contexts and evolving technical and work environments. In addition to addressing the various cultural/social, organizational/individual, task/technology contexts of DSS, the book also anchors these discussions in a practical context, drawing on case studies to illustrate the theoretical dimensions stressed. This book includes the following issues: + Frameworks for understanding the contexts and environments of decision support; + Cases and issues in decision support and organizational transformation in context; + An inter-disciplinary analysis of DSS, covering a wide variety of situations; and + Real-world applications of DSS. It contains...