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R. J. Clarke, R.J. Clarke

Digital Compression of Still Images and Video (Signal Processing and Its Application)

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ISBN: 012175720X, 9780121757205
Издательство: Academic Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 453
Spectacular advances during the last decade have altered the related disciplines of computing and telecommunications beyond all recognition. The developments in the"enabling technologies,"which have made these advances possible, have been less obvious tothe casual observer. The subject of this book is one of these technologies--the coding of still images and picture sequences (video). Digital Compression of Still Images and Video is general in approach and covers all the recognized coding algorithms; explaining their basic theory in enough detail that the reader will understand the principles involved. Results which have been achieved with coding algorithms by researchers in all parts of the world are also discussed. A brief historical reviewof the area is included to orient those new to the field, and the work is supported by references spanning the period from the earliest work on time/frequency analysis, to the latest topic of research interest--image sequence...
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