Обложка книги Digital Mantras: The Language of Abstract and Virtual Worlds

Digital Mantras: The Language of Abstract and Virtual Worlds

ISBN: 0262581434; 9780262581431;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 340

"This well-written, erudite romp through several intellectual traditions is reminiscent of Douglas Hofstader's Godel, Escher, Bach." -- Jim Gasperini, Wired "A delight to read, Digital Mantras is itself written in a musical style . . . sothat the total effect is that of a highly structured, self-referential experience of learning and intelligence, like a Bach fugue." -- The Bloomsbury Review Computer technology is making possible new worlds of expression that are already beingexplored by a growing subculture of artists, musicians, virtual reality enthusiasts, and cyberpunks. In Digital Mantras, Steven Holtzman synthesizes ideas from a number of different disciplines to arrive at a new philosophy of creativity for the digital age. Blending ideas from music, computing, art, and philosophy, with biographical and historical anecdotes and a thread of mysticism, Holtzman gives us new ways to think about the integration of computers into the creative process. He...