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Ashwin Ram, David B. Leake

Goal-Driven Learning

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ISBN: 0262181657, 9780262181655
Издательство: Bradford Books
In cognitive science, artificial intelligence, psychology, and education, a growing body of research supports the view that the learning process is strongly influenced by the learner's goals. The fundamental tenet of goal-driven learning is that learningis largely an active and strategic process in which the learner, human or machine, attempts to identify and satisfy its information needs in the context of its tasks and goals, its prior knowledge, its capabilities, and environmental opportunities for learning. This book brings together a diversity of research on goal-driven learning to establish a broad, interdisciplinary framework that describes the goal-driven learning process. It collects and solidifies existing results on this important issue in machine and human learning and presents a theoretical framework for future investigations. The book opens with an an overview of goal-driven learning research and computational and cognitive models of the goal-driven learning process....