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Richard M. Golden

Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design

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ISBN: 0262071746, 9780262071741
Издательство: Bradford Books
Год издания: 1997
Страниц: 432
"A significant and scholarly contribution to the field of neural networks. The author successfully integrates a very broad range of material in a competent and understandable manner. I do not know of any book on this same topic that covers such a wide range of material." -- Jerome R. Busemeyer, Professor of Psychology, Purdue University This graduate-level text teaches students how to use a small number of powerful mathematical tools for analyzing and designing a wide variety of artificial neural network (ANN) systems, including their own customized neural networks. Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design offers an original, broad, and integrated approach that explains each tool in a manner that is independent of specific ANN systems. Although most of the methods presented are familiar, their systematic application to neural networks is new. Included are helpful chapter summaries and detailed solutions to over 100 ANN system analysis and design problems....