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Malik Ghallab, A. Milani, M. Ghallab, Italy) European Workshop on Planning 1995 Assisi

New Directions in Ai Planning (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 31)

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ISBN: 9051992378
Издательство: Ios Pr Inc
Planning is a broad research topic with connections into topics as robotics, control theory, operations research and learning. Planning under certainty, or `classical' search based planning is one direction in the submitted papers of the European Workshop on Planning (EWSP), with approaches ranging from the introduction of conditional actions to methods based on statistics and decision theory.The other purpose is reflected in papers dealing with aspects of planning as abstraction, plan recognition, plan modification, knowledge level planning and learning. Borderline topics such as scheduling and resource allocation, temporal reasoning and prediction and multiple agents are also treated in this volume.Topics of interest include: Classical AI planning, Planning and reasoning about action and change, Plan recognition, Planning and perception, Planning and learning, Planning and temporal reasoning, Planning under uncertainty, Decision-theoretic planning, Scheduling, Multi-agent planning,...