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Thomas F. Gordon

The Pleadings Game: An Artificial Intelligence Model of Procedural Justice

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ISBN: 0792336070
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The Pleadings Game is a major contribution to artificial intelligence and legal theory. The book draws on jurisprudence and moral philosophy to develop a formal model of argumentation called the pleadings game. From a technical perspective, the work can be viewed as an extension of recent argumentation-based approaches to non-monotonic logic: (1) the game is dialogical rather than mono-logical; (2) the validity and priority of defeasible rules is subject to debate; and (3) resource limitations are acknowledged by rules for fairly dividing the burdens of representation and proof among the players. Gordon's work evaluates important jurisprudential theories of argumentation and reasoning in the context of the U.S. commercial law on secured transactions. Audience: It is not necessary to have a formal background in law to appreciate The Pleadings Game. It will be of equal interest to both the artificial intelligence community and legal theorists.