Обложка книги Microelectronic Circuit Design

Microelectronic Circuit Design


ISBN: 0073309486; 9780073309484;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math
Страниц: 1190

Microelectronic Circuit Design is known for being a technically excellent text. The new edition has been revised to make the material more motivating and accessible to students while retaining a student-friendly approach. Jaeger has added more pedagogy and an emphaisis on design through the use of design examples and design notes. Some pedagogical elements include chapter opening vignettes, chapter objectives, "Electronics in Action" boxes, a problem solving methodology, and "design note" boxes. The number of examples, including new design examples, has been increased, giving students more opportunity to see problems worked out. Additionally, some of the less fundamental mathematical material has been moved to the ARIS website. In addition this edition comes with a Homework Management System called ARIS, which includes 450 static problems.

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